Inside the Machine

Lay still. hmmmmm buzzzzzzzzz. JINK!!! Chuck, chuck, chuck SHPEHHHHHHHH BANG!!! Bombs dropping all around. I’m enclosed. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. Uproar the bind, constraining me to my mind. Bombs fall on my head. Hope I’m not dead. Lay still. Jack hammers breaking stone. I’m surrounded. Digging a pit around me. Trapping me. Panic on my face. Facing tall walls with no escape. Jack hammers eat concrete. I can’t feel my feet. Lay still. Kangaroos kicking my chest. I’m reverberating. Thumping me. Repeatedly. Vibrations Continue Reading →

Road Trip Reads – Part 3

For the one and a half years we roomed together, I could depend on Alex Cagle to answer “yes” when asked to accompany me on an adventure. From numerous poorly planned fishing trips to crossing the catwalk under a Tennessee River bridge, he was always up for new experiences. In this time Alex transitioned from a reluctant tag-along to an adventurous spirit who suggested and planned trips. For this reason, I have asked him to suggest three books to consider reading on your next road Continue Reading →

Road Trip Reads – Part 2

Last year I took a water resources class taught by Melissa Hinten, Ph.D. of the Geography Department here at the University of Tennessee. I thoroughly enjoyed the level of engagement and the teaching style that Dr. Hinten brought to the already interesting subject of water management and its history. (In class we read Water 4.0 by David Sedlak, which was informative but still light enough to read for leisure. If you are interested in the history behind the management of our water, look into this Continue Reading →

Road Trip Reads – Part 1

While driving across the country, flying, and sitting on buses, we all love a good book to capture our attention. During the road trip Peyton carried a mini New Testament bible, Daniel had a popular novel by a modern writer whose name escapes me, and I read Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidances as well as an installment to the Wheel of Time series. My reasoning for the bear book was practical as we would be spending 3 days in Alaskan bear country; I highly Continue Reading →