Inside the Machine

Lay still. hmmmmm buzzzzzzzzz. JINK!!! Chuck, chuck, chuck SHPEHHHHHHHH BANG!!! Bombs dropping all around. I’m enclosed. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. Uproar the bind, constraining me to my mind. Bombs fall on my head. Hope I’m not dead. Lay still. Jack hammers breaking stone. I’m surrounded. Digging a pit around me. Trapping me. Panic on my face. Facing tall walls with no escape. Jack hammers eat concrete. I can’t feel my feet. Lay still. Kangaroos kicking my chest. I’m reverberating. Thumping me. Repeatedly. Vibrations Continue Reading →

Journey among Giants

Giants before us, above, below, and behind Green hands stretch far and wide Drowning the sun like an overwhelming tide Jurassic ferns sprawl out beneath The site radiates beauty beyond belief Red might stands tall against wind and time. Tire treads and footfalls mark our presence Blazing trail through ancient forest Naught but minuscule tourists Three of millions passerby The trees to our hearts we hold nigh But to the trees we are mere moments. Gliding by like flight Over hills, and along ridges Around switchbacks and Continue Reading →