Inside the Machine

Lay still. hmmmmm buzzzzzzzzz. JINK!!! Chuck, chuck, chuck SHPEHHHHHHHH BANG!!! Bombs dropping all around. I’m enclosed. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. Uproar the bind, constraining me to my mind. Bombs fall on my head. Hope I’m not dead. Lay still. Jack hammers breaking stone. I’m surrounded. Digging a pit around me. Trapping me. Panic on my face. Facing tall walls with no escape. Jack hammers eat concrete. I can’t feel my feet. Lay still. Kangaroos kicking my chest. I’m reverberating. Thumping me. Repeatedly. Vibrations Continue Reading →

7 Backpacking Lessons Learned in the Smokies

One day I was mindlessly browsing Facebook as we all do, and I came across a post from my friend and former campus minister Todd. He asked if anyone in East Tennessee would like to backpack the AT through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park from Fontana Dam to Davenport Gap; I was immediately interested. After some sporadic Facebook messaging, I decided to join Todd with only about a week to prepare for a five day, seventy-two mile hike. It would be the longest backpacking Continue Reading →

Running Challenge Update – A Tool to Fight Boredom

If you’re like most people, you hate running. You hate it because you feel miserable during the run, and you’re tired and sweaty afterwards with no short-term rewards. If that describes you, you likely also hate running because it’s boring. After two minutes, you just can’t stop thinking, “When will this be over? Am I done yet? I have how much farther!?!” For me, running is either a thinking time—much like showering for many—or it is a zoned-in, focus time where there is only me Continue Reading →

Coastal Camping in Oregon

After a morning mountain biking through Northern California’s mighty Redwoods, the guys and I embarked on one of our most anticipated sections of the entire road trip. High hopes for the roads, beaches, and adventures awaiting us on the Oregon coast rattled around in our heads. Giant, rocky sea stacks; vibrant sunsets; and soft, rich sand beckoned. The first essential factor to success on the Oregon coast was finding a camping spot on the beach. There are numerous state parks along the Pacific Coast that Continue Reading →

Running Challenge

When I created this website, I intended to write about adventure as a lifestyle based on a daily mindset. Well, so far I have only written about a huge road trip that I took with some friends last summer. There are more stories from the road trip coming, but I want to diverge from that kind of adventure for a moment and discuss something new I have begun. First, a little background. In high school I played soccer and football. As a goalkeeper and a Continue Reading →