Journey among Giants

Giants before us, above, below, and behind
Green hands stretch far and wide
Drowning the sun like an overwhelming tide
Jurassic ferns sprawl out beneath
The site radiates beauty beyond belief
Red might stands tall against wind and time.

Tire treads and footfalls mark our presence
Blazing trail through ancient forest
Naught but minuscule tourists
Three of millions passerby
The trees to our hearts we hold nigh
But to the trees we are mere moments.

Gliding by like flight
Over hills, and along ridges
Around switchbacks and across bridges
Sly roots mix knees with dirt
Stray brambles shred polyester shirt
Blood and sweat are taken by forest bite.

But the price to ride is still low
Legs and metal propel us
Through natural garden so marvelous
It’s a struggle and a dance
With Earth, composed of pain and romance
The Mighty Redwoods look down, and continue to grow.

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