Updated Mission

In the past I have contributed to a popular but watered-down version of adventure that dilutes the power, specificity, and intensity of the word. After some deliberation, I have decided to abandon this hollow definition of adventure. Adventure is not a mindset or an attitude; it’s an experience, an action, something you do, and it has two requirements: the unknown and risk. “The unknown” is essential to adventure because it often requires stepping out of our comfort zones and provides an opportunity for learning. Curiosity and imagination drive a desire to find “the unknown” and understand it, often requiring adventure as part of a journey to knowledge. Risk must also be present in an adventure. Risk, similarly, requires a departure from our comfort zones and creates situations where failure and loss are possible. Whether or not the goal is achieved, an adventurer always develops new perspective and wisdom from trials and challenges faced. Risk is like a gym for adventurers seeking personal growth. While adventure can take many forms, we will try to hold the term to a high standard that remains true to its meaning.

With that, I give you the new Anyone’s Adventure Mission Statement:
Anyone’s Adventure strives to encourage individuals to seek Adventure in a manner that best suit’s each individual’s personal interests and goals. We advocate for Adventure as a tool for individual, communal, and societal growth through unique experiences of a cultural, environmental, or physical nature. Adventure is profound, and we believe it should be shared by all.”

The “Journal” page will host non-adventure posts.

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